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Great looking and easy to use.trees-gold-green

I’ve spent the past month helping to design a great visitor experience for people who are looking for great photographs by Todd Powell. I’ve enjoyed working with Todd and Tracy to update the Todd Powell Photography website and together we’ve really built something that I think you’ll find easy to use.  In the Fine Art Collection we wanted to give each image a little space, and Todd spent hours organizing images into collections that will help people find what they want.  I was amazed every time a new image populated the site because, although I’ve known Todd for years, his work stuns me.

DenverThe Stock Photo library has got more images, but the arrangement is tight. This makes for a better experience on a phone, but really who is buying a giant photo for their wall on a phone?  It’s nice however to have both tools available.

Tracy designed the homepage for and it’s so simple to figure out where you want to go – with big buttons that take you there.  All the images are stored on PhotoShelter which is a great system because it protects them from theft.

Before getting her last iteration, I had thought to use the composite photograph (two colors of Aspen trees, above) as an illustration of the two sides of Todd’s work – fine art and commercial photography. But like most of his images I couldn’t decide what type describes it better.  Tracy had the better idea — a photo that suggests a nice place to visit.

The News section, where Todd will write about his adventures in the field, will be found here on but it will be my fault if you get lost between this and galleries, so please don’t hesitate to let me know –

Happy photo shopping.

We Have Moved!

Bye Bye Main Street IMG_2426It has been a busy month since we sold our gallery space on Main Street, Frisco. We have moved my photography one block east to the Frisco Emporium. Tracy and I are settling into our home studio and enjoying some skiing together.

The Frisco Emporium, located at 313 Main Street is a co-op offering an eclectic mix of art, antiques, decor and vintage skiing memorabilia. You can stop by any day from 10am – 6pm to browse through my photos of Frisco and the Colorado Rocky Mountains.

If you are interested in custom or mural sizes, we are happy to meet with you at your convenience to review images and framing options to create a special piece of art for your home or office.

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